The purpose of this class is to learn website design and promotion. We will build at least 3 sites: one for assignments, one for a subject area, and one for a topic of your choice.

Please be careful not to use your last name or other personal information. You should also not say anything negative about others. Otherwise, you are allowed to be creative. We will use this format for the assignments site but have many options for the other sites.

The general layout is as follows:

1. Index.html: This is the page that opens first when you open your site (unless you specify a page).

2. Menu: (left, right, top, bottom): these menus come up on all pages.

3. Content Pages (Page1, Page2, etc.): For this site, your assignments will go on these pages.

For this format, you should only type in the main box on the main pages. The rest of the blocks are for menus...we will edit them later.

The software we will use (NVU and FTP Commander) can be downloaded for free, so you can work on your site in school or at home. Just use the links on the right side.